Wines, Beers and Spirits

With over 1,000 different wines, beers and spirits available from us, there's something that will appeal to your tastes. Visit our Ramsbottom shop today.


Vintage Bottles

At The Vineyard, we're able to source bottles for birth years. So, if you can remember a wine from a certain year but can't remember the name, we'll be able to track the wine down for you.



Hard-to-find Bottles

There might be that certain bottle you're craving but aren't able to find it. We've got the knowledge and the credible contacts to find a supplier for the bottle you can't get your hands on.

The Secret Chocolate Wine

Exclusive to The Vineyard, click here to learn more about The Secret Chocolate Wine.



Seasonal Wine Cases

Available every quarter (4 per year) that contain wines for that related season - spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Choose from: 6 or 12 bottles per case

                      Red, white or mixed wines

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